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9 Responses to “convenient”

  1. Legion Says:


  2. skreeran Says:

    I think “disproven” is an inappropriate term that leads to such fallacious arguments as “You can’t disprove God!” I think “Things that break the established laws of reality.” would be more appropriate.

    • myeyesropen Says:

      Use whatever words you want. The bottom line is that some of the Bible can be shown to be false. Geology proves the world is billions of years old not thousands, neuroscience proves that the “soul” is just brain matter and processes and nothing metaphysical, etc

  3. B.R. Says:

    The Bible was never meant to be read as a factual history. Religion isn’t tangible – people need symbols to understand it.

    Not very many Christians that I know actually read it at a deeper level than literally, though =/ It’s fine for children, but if you have the capacity, it should be read for its message, not its words.

    • B.R. Says:

      Also, we need to quit basing our society on its words. Things have changed since it was written, but what hasn’t changed is Christ’s message – love.

      As an atheist, I think that’s really all that should matter.

      • myeyesropen Says:

        I don’t deny Jesus had some good ideas. (Though he also had some bad ones, which many people conveniently ignore. Not all was about love and forgiveness.) However, the divisive nature of religion, which by its nature claims to have “the one” true and objective set of answers and instructions to live by, makes things like the Inquisition and Crusades inevitable.

        Regarding your second point, I actually think the message has changed quite a bit over the centuries. In the beginning, Christianity was an apocalyptic religion, because Jesus thought and said the end of the world was coming soon. He even said the end would come within the lifetime of some of those who were around him when he was alive and preaching. Of course, the end never came, so the message had to evolve in order to save the religion. Now, in much of the Western world, Christians practice a more watered-down version of Christianity; many don’t even believe non-believers are damned, even though Jesus clearly said they would be. (Centuries of scrutiny has led to this more civilized version of Christianity. Hopefully the same will eventually happen with Islam) As more of a religion is shown to be false by science, or shown to be inconsistent with modern values like equality, it must keep evolving to keep existing.

    • myeyesropen Says:

      I think that’s an ad hoc argument that’s usually brought up by people who are faced with the flaws in a religion and want to rescue it. On some level they know taking the bible literally is crazy, so they say it must have been meant symbolically, even though much (all?) of it was never meant to be symbolic. (At the time, people really thought the world was only thousands of years old, and there was a Heaven in the clouds.) I mean, does that mean the part about Jesus existing was meant to be symbolic?

      • B.R. Says:

        does it matter if jesus existed if a person can be kind and loving using what is written about him as an example?

      • myeyesropen Says:

        Yes I think it does matter actually. (And for the record, I think he probably did exist; I just think he was one of hundreds of fake self-proclaimed prophets.) In my experience hardcore Bible adherents usually don’t JUST follow of the kind and loving parts of the Bible, they also can follow the more violent and intolerant parts too, which they sorta have to, if they think the Bible is the true word of god. (for every mother teresa there‘s a pat Robertson or david koresh)

        Besides, for people to be able to make good decisions they need to know the truth about reality. IMO, many of society’s problems based on people making well-intentioned decisions based on false info, whether that false info is from religion or other sources. Even the more benign parts of religion can be harmful in this way. For instance, if a Christian thinks Jesus is coming back soon then saving the planet for future generations no longer becomes so important. If you think you’ll have eternal life then making this life good isn’t as important. And why try curing cancer if “saving souls” by spreading the gospel is more important. And then of course there’s the political implications (the whole Israeli Palestinian mess)

        Bottom line, people and society do best when they know the truth. We should always advocate for the truth over fairy tales, even if those fairy tales have good parts.

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