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8 Responses to “Closely”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Fanatics of any kind are more likely to kill, whether religious or not. Moderates are much less likely to do anything life threatening, unless pushed to do so by fanatics.

    Consequently, the correlation should probably be exponential, rather than linear.

  2. augman Says:

    Call em’ as ya see em’. Gotta agree. Like government, religion is and always will be one of the necessary evils of life.

  3. Bill in Detroit Says:

    Hmmm … the graph could apply to atheists, too. Not many actual Christians declaring war these days. Mostly just bankers dressed like them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Actually it’s the exact opposite, people who follow the true tenants of religions are usually very kind.

  5. Robert Murphy Says:

    Totally sold-out Christian … no desire to kill anybody. I must be an exception of the graph.

  6. niceandnew Says:

    This is SO very true.

  7. Nigel Featherstone Says:

    Fantastic. Very funny. Except it’s not that funny really. In fact it’s damn frightening.

  8. ReL Says:

    It’s true. If you claim to follow your religion to the letter, you must recall the atrocities committed in the Torah/Bible/Koran. There are multiple “sins” for which the death penalty is commanded, therefore to follow your religion (assuming you follow one of these. My familiarity with others is not good enough to speak on them.) you simply must kill. If your books are true, it is not murder to kill one who breaks the law. And since I, at least, have broken numerous laws of the books which require stoning or other death sentences, one who closely follows their religion as it is written would be obligated to kill me.

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