Because She Knows More Than 99% of Doctors



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7 Responses to “Because She Knows More Than 99% of Doctors”

  1. blop Says:

    Whats worse, the woman who doesn’t give her child modern medication, or the ones who judge and pry into other people’s lives when in reality, they should simply fuck off?

    • myeyesropen Says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been busy. To answer your question, I would think that a child dying from not receiving medication is actually quite a bit worse than someone being nosey. Besides, the thing that’s often missed about vaccinations is the fact that the small number of people who don’t get them also endanger OTHER people than themselves and their own kids. There are some people who can’t get vaccinations for medical reasons, and there are also a small percentage of people that vaccines don’t work on…these people are endangered by those who (IMO) irresponsibly don’t choose to follow the advice of the vast majority of doctors out there and get themselves and their kids vaccinated. Anti-vacciners endanger the greater population, not just themselves. See:

  2. Valkyrie Says:

    Correlation is NOT causation. A higher rate of autism doesn’t mean that vaccines are causing it, simply that autism is more easily diagnosed than it has previously been. And to the above person, if you do have autism (high-functioning is sort of fashionable these days… and yes, I know someone who has what’s termed high-functioning, though for him, the most basic social interactions and niceties are incomprehnsible, but he’s brilliant with hi studies), I’d LOVE to see the research that’s proven it’s from vaccines.

    OP thank you for pointing out the obvious. A porn model is not a basis for scientific criticism unless she also holds a degree and is backed by research. And if she wants to go “but I’m a PARENT, I KNOW THINGS” she can shove her book up her ass ๐Ÿ™‚ The ability to bear a child does not bestow universal knowledge or wisdom.

  3. myeyesropen Says:

    @Valkyrie: “Correlation is NOT causation. A higher rate of autism doesnโ€™t mean that vaccines are causing it, simply that autism is more easily diagnosed than it has previously been.” True, and the definition of what is Autism has expanded.

    Of course, I think you touch on a larger point, which is the fact that if vaccines did actually cause Autism, since there are fewer people getting vaccines these days (though thankfully, most people still do the responsible thing and get them) you’d expect the rate of Autism to go DOWN, which it is not.

    @Jamie: While not vaccines, I am thankful to whatever caused your partially demented, and highly entertaining, form of sarcasm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. The Sanity Inspector Says:


  5. tom Says:

    Children, especially boys, have instincts to learn and play outside, in a state of constant motion (go study hunter gatherer learning if you don’t believe me). We lock them in brick buildings and tell them to sit still for hours and hours, then if they have difficulty learning we say they have a disorder.

    It must be those vaccines.

  6. Bryan Says:

    @Tom: I agree completely.

    As for vaccines, they should be required. What if your child ends up with a potentially life threatening disease that is easily vaccinated against? Your kid will be exposed to MANY other kids (that are potentially too young to be vaccinated at the time), and risks infecting them. Could you live with the fact that your ignorance caused the death of these children?

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